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Cotton candy vocals and machine gun guitars.  If you’re feeling sinister, you can try to get into their sold out Terminal 5 show tonight, if you were not one of the lucky ones. But rather than paying Stubhub or your friendly neighborhood scalper, you can spend some of your cold, hard cash on other local businesses and institutions tonight.

One Step Beyond at the Museum of Natural History with Prefuse 73 and the Rapture DJs: Fulfill your Night at the Museum dreams and dance under the enjoyably fake stars at the Planetarium. You can ponder the wonders of the universe with a perfectly on point soundtrack from these bands, whose DJ skills I’m willing to bet live up to their music. 


Pay what you wish at The International Center of Photography: Catch Murder is My Business, a collection of photographer Weegee’s series of crime scenes from New York mostly in the 1930s and 40s.  The black and white photos may be jarring, but some of the best parts of this show are the reaction shots from the crowds surrounding the crimes, a mix of horror, sadness, shock, and just a dash of voyeurism lingering around the edges.  To balance out all of the bodies, the exhibit recreates Weegee’s studio, and adds some cityscapes and shots of Coney Island. This exhibit is equal parts grit, and glamor.


Mates of State with Sean Bones at Le Poisson Rouge: If the aggro cheerleader vibe of Sleigh Bells is too much for right now, Mates of State’s boy-girl vocals and keyboards are sweet without being cloying, and the energy infectious. Perfect for fans of handclaps, harmonies, and infectious energy. In the interest of full disclosure, I know nothing about Sean Bones, but I do know that LPR has great sound and sight lines.